Step up your game and stop the bandwidth battle between your passengers and crew - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Step up your game and stop the bandwidth battle between your passengers and crew - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Step up your game and stop the bandwidth battle between your passengers and crew


Satellite connections are not only expensive but often experience outages, resulting in loss of productivity and potential loss of business. With Thru OptiBAND, easily resolve this issue and get the most of your satellite or slow connections at sea or in remote offices.

Address slow connection speeds, reduce outages and improve collaboration with the help of Thru OptiBAND which allows you to allocate bandwidth based on roles, prioritize file transfers in real-time and easily resume uploads/downloads after an outage - so you can ensure your users can continue collaborating without any interruptions. Combined with Thru's robust checkpoint restart, exchange content and any size files worry free, no matter where they are.

With Thru OptiBAND You Can:

Efficiently manage expensive satellite bandwidth
Thru OptiBAND offers bandwidth optimization when very expensive limited bandwidth needs to be efficiently leveraged by users. Thru's built-in adaptive real-time bandwidth management dynamically allocates bandwidth consumed in the messaging channel and compresses files to save bandwidth. It also addresses slow connection speeds by applying a combination of Thru's accelerated content delivery network (CDN) (which uses parallel block streaming) and data caching.
  • Save costs by allocating satellite bandwidth efficiently in real-time
  • Reduce the bandwidth needs of any size files with data compression
  • Tackle slow satellite connectivity issues with advanced delivery and caching
Automatically prioritize mission critical messages
With greater visibility and awareness, IT administrators can accelerate business critical messages and prioritize them above less important traffic. OptiBAND uses rule-based prioritization to reorder high priority messages based on users and helps businesses stay on top of their mission critical needs and deal with fewer disruptions. So now your messages are not only transmitted faster but also in the right order.
  • Maintain business continuity of important communications regardless of connectivity
  • Increase productivity, with improved performance and communications for a distributed mission critical workforce
  • Stay compliant and business agile across all locations
Stay 'always on' no matter where you are or what size of file
Geographically dispersed users and employees can now quickly exchange big files and collaborate easily. OptiBAND locally caches data, and masks outages and slow connections. In cases of network interruptions, OptiBAND transfers data once connections are restored. With the benefit of file transfer checkpoint restart, it picks up transfers where it left off during previous attempted transfers. OptiBAND also automatically makes allocation adjustments by continuously monitoring transmission speed and reacting to connection speed changes, such as switching from VSAT to Wi-Fi provided connections.
  • Guaranteed delivery of files and messages irrespective of limited, long-distance networks
  • Built-in compression and local caching allows for easy transmission of data across networks
  • Increased productivity, with better employee performance and communications for a distributed workforce
Collaborate securely and easily
Businesses can be assured they are collaborating securely when using Thru. Thru offers a variety of enterprise grade security features that include full file virus scan, encryption at transmission, rest and delivery. Detailed audit and transaction details ensure you have validation and proof of delivery and end-to-end tracking of every message and communication. With access via web, mobile and email, your users can continue to do business anytime and from any device.
  • With Audit and transaction details, do business securely anywhere, anytime and with any device
  • Send files from any device or any connection
  • Guaranteed delivery and advance notification ensure seamless workforce collaboration

How OptiBAND Works
  • OptiBAND continuously monitors the connection and captures a detailed audit trail (Pulse Matrix report). Information includes response time, outage windows and performance during transfer activity. Information can be matched to ship routes.
  • OptiBAND provides content and audit aggregation (hub spoke model). Data from all locations is available for analysis on the hub ("shore" location).
  • OptiBAND includes routing configuration, which controls content push from the hub to remote locations.
  • As a content delivery platform, OptiBAND can be used for automatic data collection from systems on top of moving vessels or in remote locations.  Combined with Thru Automation module, data can be aggregated and sent to client data stores.
OptiBAND Features

Data Transmission with Adaptive Real-Time Bandwidth Management
  • Automatically detects changes in the speed for Thru users
  • Keeps file transfer bandwidth throttled to the predetermined level for Thru users
  • Remotely controls bandwidth allocations for Thru users
Enhanced Transfer Speeds
  • Utilizes Thru's patent-pending transmission
  • Optimized for high latency networks

Effective Bandwidth Improvements
  • Efficient file transfer packaging
  • Built-in compression

Self-Learning System
  • Thru's patent-pending statistics-based algorithm continuously improves the system's ability to conform to bandwidth limits

  • Encrypted transmission
  • Encrypted at rest
  • Encrypted delivery
  • Validated delivery
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Detailed bandwidth outages and connection speeds logs

Guaranteed Delivery
  • Automatically resumes file transfer
  • Local caching of file transfers at destination
  • Wire speed access for local users
  • Transfers automatically resume from last byte transferred
The Industry's Best SLA
  • 100% terrestrial network uptime
  • 99.99% Thru cloud application uptime
  • HA configuration at destination available

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