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Power productivity and collaboration - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Power productivity and collaboration


Built Exclusively for the Enterprise and Businesses
Thru is an end-to-end file sharing and collaboration solution, exclusively built for the business user. It not only offers enterprise-grade security and reliability at the core, but also offers easy-to-use interface and deep integration into a variety of business applications.
With access via Web, mobile apps for iOS and Android, Thru Desktop Sync and Thru Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, Thru gives your organization 360-degree access and ability to sync and share files from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Collaborate in real time by connecting all departments and giving your employees a secure virtual office experience that government and financial organizations trust.
With Thru EFSS Solutions You Can:

Access, manage and collaborate online
Collaborate in real time and manage your data and content on a platform that government and financial organizations trust.
  • Manage your files online and organize by department or project
  • Share folders with your team members with policy based access
  • Easily manage versioning, email archiving, universal search and more
  • Receive files securely from external users with Thru Dropbox - no signup required
Work on the go from any device, even on poor connections
Take your office with you on your tablet or mobile devices.
  • Securely access all your files and documents with fully featured apps for iOS and Android
  • With Thru OptiBAND, you can ensure your users can continue collaborating without any interruptions, prioritize file transfers in real-time and easily resume uploads/downloads after an outage
  • Automatically sync files of any size in real-time with Thru Desktop Sync
  • Even support Windows and Blackberry devices with Thru Web Mobile Access
Stay secure and compliant
Give IT the peace of mind with Thru's unmatched security features.
  • Protect data in flight and at rest with full file level antivirus scanning and encryption
  • Track every action made to files with a detailed audit info for every file and folder
  • Easily manage access with Active Directory integration and two-factor authentication
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, PCI DSS and more
Share large files from email and business apps
Eliminate file size restrictions in your email and business apps with Thru's add-ins.
  • Offload large email attachments and unburden servers with Thru Email add-ins
  • Work within your Outlook mailbox with Thru's unique side panel feature
  • Share any files from Salesforce or SharePoint with Thru add-ins
  • Thru Private Messaging in these add-ins enables sharing sensitive or confidential information with ease
Integrate with enterprise applications
With Thru's flexible architecture and breadth of APIs, integrate secure and large file sharing capability with any of your business applications.
  • Enhance your current CRM, ECM or custom software by integrating Thru file sharing features
  • Connect FTP clients with support for SFTP/FTP or FTPS
  • Choose from multiple deployment options: Cloud, on-premises or hybrid
  • Plug in Thru to company web pages and portals with custom branding

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