Take charge of your brands with secure digital asset management - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Take charge of your brands with secure digital asset management - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Take charge of your brands with secure digital asset management

Brands and intellectual property represent considerable investment and are among the most valuable of all corporate assets. However, at every workflow stage there is potential for loss, needless duplication and costly errors by organizations who have substantial collections of marketing assets spread across disparate internal and external locations.

Thru Digital Asset Manager (Thru DAM) provides the basis for organizations to transform how they produce, manage, share, use and re-use their corporate collateral and brand assets resulting in significant cost savings, productivity gains and increased market responsiveness. The Thru DAM solution epitomizes the "produce-once-use-often" principle. Now corporate assets from a logo to an entire marketing plan may be quickly retrieved and reconfigured for new assignments eliminating the cost of internal or third party suppliers producing them from scratch.

With DAM You Can:

Efficiently manage, share and distribute brands and digital assets
Thru DAM allows a user to store an asset, manage it using its metadata and other administrative tools, and then permit other users to retrieve and re-purpose it for their end-use. Key stakeholders get fast, easy, permission-based access to current versions of the right brand assets.
  • Store logos, images, video and other brand-related content in a secure, online digital repository
  • Capture metadata describing every brand asset
  • Access assets quickly with intuitive keyword and advanced Boolean searches
Protect brand assets and enhance brand value
Thru DAM is accessible via the Thru Cloud and is compatible with all Thru products. Additionally, Thru APIs enable integration to other software applications used by your company. Ease-of-use and availability assists in standardizing corporate message and building brand equity value.
  • Specify rights and permissions for every level of user
  • Provide access to current brand assets only to approved users
  • Protect assets with encryption and antivirus scanning

Improve ROI with enhanced workgroup collaborationThru DAM removes antiquated business workflows such as email, mail and courier services and streamlines the way your company manages valuable corporate collateral. Increase efficiency while reducing time-to-market and distribution costs.
  • Version work-in-progress automatically
  • Streamline production with digital proofs
  • System generated email prompts keep projects on track
How DAM Works
  • Thru DAM is an integrated platform with a cloud-based repository that is permission-based with granular access rights, universal search and extensive collaboration tools.

Thru DAM Features
Project Collaboration Tools
  • Email broadcast to users and groups
  • Collection-based invitations to non-registered users
  • Store once - access and re-purpose by many
  • Automatic versioning
  • Online distribution and retrieval
Security and Compliance
  • Secure and authenticated logins
  • Permission and access level security controls
  • Configurable session timeout
  • Robust administrative controls
User-Friendly, Web-Based Interface
  • Customizable interface with company branding
  • Mac and PC compliant
  • Mobile responsive site
  • Manage own user profile
  • End-user configuration of emails and category pages
  • Forgotten username/password retrieval
  • Browse category preview
  • Thumbnail preview popups
  • Advanced help
Cloud-Based Storage with Easy Retrieval of Assets
  • Content management back-end
  • Universal search with keyword and advanced Boolean
  • Tree-based category structure
  • Multiple file type support
  • Formatting tags
  • Advanced category administration
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Hyperlinks to other categories
  • Cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment
Administrator Controls and Console
  • Detailed tracking, reporting and audit
  • Users/Groups/Permissions
  • Distribution and audit controls
  • Rollback to earlier versions
Thru Product Compatibility
  • Compatible with all Thru products
  • API creation for integration with other software

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