Extend your CRM and accelerate your sales cycle - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Extend your CRM and accelerate your sales cycle - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Extend your CRM and accelerate your sales cycle

Powerful tools exclusively for the enterprise
Thru supplements one of the world's most popular CRMs to make it the complete solution for managing all aspects of customer relationships. Thru Add-In for Salesforce removes file and folder size exchange limitations and enables secure tracking. Sales teams have enhanced insights into what files customers are downloading and how to best help them throughout the transaction.

Integration of the Thru add-in is easy for both IT administrators and end users - there is no disruption of workflow or special training required. With layers of security, organizations can rest assured their information and communications with customers is safe. Thru gives businesses the tools they need to do business the way they want.

With Thru Add-In for Salesforce You Can:
Secure Business Files
Monitor and protect your Salesforce files with advanced security and tracking capabilities.
  • Track file activities such as predictions and forecasts with the ability to track every interaction with company data
  • Maintain corporate policies and security posture with a comprehensive audit trail, expiration control, and more
  • Verify authenticity, monitor file uploads and downloads, and create time-sensitive expiration controls
Integrate Seamlessly
Implementing the Thru add-in is easy with no disruption in workflow and continuity in company branding.
  • Maintain company image, user and customer interfaces, and messaging while Thru runs in the background
  • Eliminate Salesforce limitations such as file size and storage limits
  • Secure file exchanges between external partners, customers, and colleagues
Exchange Data with External Users
Leverage Thru's Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with file acceleration technology to quickly transfer files to any location worldwide.
  • Decrease delays caused by high latency and unreliable connections
  • Manage the flow of critical business data with customers, businesses, and partners
  • Quickly share large files around the world via synced global data centers

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