Work securely without leaving Microsoft Office - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Work securely without leaving Microsoft Office - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Work securely without leaving Microsoft Office

Easily Create, Edit and Save Office 365 Files Directly to Your Cloud Storage
With Thru's Add-In for Office 365, a powerful Office 365 integration, you can now open, create, edit and save files to Thru directly from applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Skip the web browser logins, save time and enjoy limitless versioning.

With Thru Add-In for Office 365 You Can:

View Thru Cloud Files from Office Desktop Apps
Open and view your Office files stored in Thru from your Microsoft Office desktop applications.
  • Easily collaborate from Office with the ability to access any of your Office files that are shared within Thru
  • Securely connect to any Thru site to which you have access
  • Open files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, 32 bit and 64 bit

Create/Edit Files and Save to Thru
Instead of leaving Office to add new files/edits to Thru, simply create and edit files from your Office applications and save them directly to the Thru Cloud.
  • Save and Save As features allows saving directly into your Thru repository
  • Edit files with no need for a local copy
  • All actions are logged in Thru and can be viewed by IT administrators

Track Version History in the Thru Cloud
Track the edit history of all of your Office files with Thru's versioning feature.
  • Automatically create new versions of files in Thru every time files are saved
  • View transaction details such as the name of the editor, the time of the edit and the file's owner
  • Easily restore files to a different version


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