With Thru, Modernize Your Software Delivery and Entitlements - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

With Thru, Modernize Your Software Delivery and Entitlements - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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With Thru, Modernize Your Software Delivery and Entitlements

It's time. Upgrade your software distribution, entitlement management and reporting from manual to digital. Give your customers the choice of easy and secure self-service or email distribution access to your products. Automate software entitlements efficiently by integrating with your CRM or ERP systems like Salesforce or Oracle. All this and more - while you have complete access to critical reports and insights into customers' product usage.

With Thru You Can:

Deliver Software Electronically and Trim Distribution Costs
Minimize the delays and frustration of delivering software to customers worldwide by using Thru to manage your software delivery. Improve the user experience and proactively push software updates and patches to all customers.
  • Reduce fulfillment costs by sending software releases and updates to employees, customers or partners via Thru's high speed file transfer (Thru OptiSPEED) and global content delivery network
  • Mirror files to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world
  • The industry's best SLA means your deliveries are always on time: No missed revenue opportunities
Automate and Ensure Accuracy of Entitlements with Integration to Your CRM Systems
With Thru's breadth of APIs and strength in both simple and complex integrations, you can easily integrate with any CRM solution like Salesforce or Oracle and automate entitlements. With Thru's Last Byte Downloaded (LBD) technology, you have access to detailed audit tracking and delivery reporting. Stay secure, compliant and eliminate revenue recognition and billing/accounting issues.
  • Enable your CRM, such as Salesforce, to remain the single system of record on completion of all recipient software downloads
  • Automatically log all software deliveries based on details of identity, unique tracking numbers, content, and time of transaction
  • Restrict export violations and fines with domain or IP-based white and blacklists

Ensure Only Entitled Customers Have Access to the Software
With Thru's Cloud solution, protect digital content from noncompliance usage. Your customers see only software they are entitled to, reduce billing hassles and improve overall satisfaction.
  • Secure subscription and maintenance revenues by restricting access to financially current customers
  • Easily support thousands of users with Thru's unlimited scaling across both the Thru Cloud and your on-premises storage
  • Manage entitlement the way you want from your database

Streamline Customer Support
Securely receive damaged databases from customers and easily distribute software patches and builds.
  • Resolve issues faster with rapid file delivery between customer service and clients
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing CRMs and case management systems to enhance customer support and improve satisfaction
  • Reduce administrative overhead
Software Delivery Features
Administration, Tracking and Auditing
  • Auto users creation
  • Authentication by your current scheme and replicated in Thru
  • Granular access rights and permission controls
  • Activity logging to your CRM database
  • End-to-end tracking and delivery validation
  • Revenue recognition accounted by Last Byte Downloaded (LBD)
Multiple Upload Schemes Supported
  • HTML 4 and 5, Java and ActiveX
  • Pause/resume and network recover capabilities
  • No coding against a protocol is needed
  • Any third-party web or native application can use Thru Upload Tools
  • Transfer files and folders of unlimited size to a Thru server

Unlimited Scaling Across Storage
  • On-Premises
  • Thru Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • Encrypted transmission, delivery and storage of files
  • Protected API links to the Upload Tool
  • Token-based security encrypts calls to the Upload Tool

Compliance and Certifications
  • Data centers are ISO 27001 certified
  • Thru products are ISO compliant
  • Compliant on HIPAA and PCI DSS
  • Leverage third party reports as SOC 3 (SSAE 16)
  • UK G-Cloud approved
  • Secure, in-region data storage in Europe, Asia and Australia

Guaranteed Delivery
  • Automatically resumes file transfer
  • Local caching of file transfers at destination
  • Transfers automatically resume from last byte transferred

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