Defense IT Solutions can help your business interpret controls that are applicable for PCI DSS, CMS-ARS, NIST SP800-53, and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, and more. - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Defense IT Solutions can help your business interpret controls that are applicable for PCI DSS, CMS-ARS, NIST SP800-53, and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, and more. - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Defense IT Solutions can help your business interpret controls that are applicable for PCI DSS, CMS-ARS, NIST SP800-53, and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, and more.

Regulatory Security compliance is very often an unwelcome, annual ritual which takes time, resource and budget away from other projects and is often a last-minute rush, leading to mistakes, unnecessary stress and wasted energy. Organizations tend to incur excessive costs by treating Regulatory Security compliance as a standalone project when, in fact, it should be incorporated into an organization's overall information security processes. And in most cases, the failure of projects is due to poor advice and the inability to properly scope the project.

Defense IT Solutions can help your business interpret controls that are applicable for PCI DSS, CMS-ARS, NIST SP800-53, and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, and more.  After determining the relevant controls, we help you find existing evidence in your environment and guide you in creating documentation and processes for all identified gaps.  Our consultants leverage years of experience in multiple industries ranging from government, medical, and financial.

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Corporations of every size face a range of enterprise risks or have to comply with mandated regulatory settlements requiring independent monitoring. Such ongoing challenges require an operating environment that has robust internal controls and compliance policies that are tested and remediated on an on-going basis. Defense IT Solutions provides integrated global teams of industry specialists and compliance experts who offer a cost-effective approach to testing, enhancing and monitoring corporate compliance programs.

As career industry Compliance Risk professionals, we understand that in this day and age, it is becoming more and more necessary to rely on technology to aid / assist in the execution of compliance risk management processes. Given the high volume of transactional activity, introduction of new products and services and unprecedented regulatory change in a weak economy, organizations must contemplate how they will survive and make the best use of resources - essentially "do more with less". Defense IT Solutions compliance consultants brings a unique tailored approach to help our clients succeed in today's challenging regulatory and economic environment, enabling and empowering our clients to manage the "cost of compliance" without sacrificing the necessary infrastructure and control environment.

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Effective compliance programs play a critical role in warning off potential threats and preventing violations of laws that, at a minimum, could tarnish a corporations image and impact its business relationships or financial viability. Our highly-experienced professionals bring detailed knowledge of their fields and industries to client projects, providing full-scale assessments, process improvement and support for compliance programs. We help analyze current policies and procedures to find gaps or breaches in existing safeguards and are adept at designing and implementing controls that serve to rehabilitate deficiencies and/or monitor the continuing effectiveness of an organization's compliance program in an ever changing business environment.

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Multi-regulatory or "Holistic" Compliance
We map the data elements to relevant data security laws and regulatory standards. Some regulatory standards that we map data elements to include PCI DSS, CMS-ARS, NIST SP800-53, and ISO 27001 / ISO 27002. Once we map the data elements to the relevant laws, and regulatory standards, we develop an assessment plan to ensure that our audit covers all relevant data flows and data storage locations. Since we conduct one audit against all relevant data security laws and regulatory standards, our clients save money because they don't need to pay for multiple audits and certifications.

A typical audit may last for several weeks, followed by several more weeks of remediation, and then yet more time for validation of remediation and report writing. Companies that require several such audits every year end up spending a significant amount of time responding to audit requests instead of performing their day-to-day duties. Because Defense IT Solutions conducts its multi-regulatory audit all at once, our clients experience less overall time under audit and are able to spend more time on contributing to the bottom line. Undergoing a multi-regulatory audit means that a holistic view of the security posture is taken. Our audit reports are trusted by our clients because they do not take a narrow view of specific business processes; they include all relevant business processes by default.

Defense IT Solutions has developed a standardized set of controls and testing procedures that includes all of the laws and regulatory standards that we audit against. This is opposed to some types of audits (such as a SOC 2 audit) which allows organizations to select which controls would apply, and decide how to in-depth each control should be assessed. This leads to inconsistent audit reports across different organizations. Financial institutions, guarantors, and creditors that utilize many service providers are not well-served by this type of audit. Alternatively, every Defense IT Solutions audit follows the same set of standardized controls and testing procedures, which provides organizations a more consistent view of the security posture of their service providers.

Our Defense IT Solutions testing procedures peer deep inside an organization's technical systems and processes. Our assessors are experienced with and certified in many relevant technologies, such as Microsoft and Cisco. We don't just interview staff and then look for documented policies and procedures; we look at the specific configuration of all relevant information systems and network components to ensure the policies and procedures are followed. This goes above and beyond what many single-view audits against laws and regulatory standards with more generic requirements include. Our assessors will not just interview the IT Department and review a policy; we will also review the actual information systems and network devices to confirm that these policies are applied to them.

Compliance Maintenance
Defense IT Solutions compliance maintenance service provides ongoing compliance maintenance, documentation, audit prep and audit participation related to the customer's infrastructure and applications. This service ensures maintenance and execution of the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks required for data security certifications and regulatory compliance pertaining to the applicable standards.

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