Defense IT Solutions Inc. - About Us - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Defense IT Solutions Inc. - About Us - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Defense IT Solutions Inc. - About Us

Our Company

Enabling Your Business is Our Mission:
The mission at Defense IT Solutions is to assist our clients in achieving their financial, operational and strategic goals. We do this by developing a clear and thorough understanding of each of our clients’ business models. We combine compliance and ethics culture, technology applications utilized to satisfy compliance and operational processes with supervision and internal/external reporting requirements. After we assess the inherent and residual risk in our clients’ business, we develop a comprehensive and realistic business-focused plan that will enable long-term, strategic and scalable success.

Our Vision:
Defense IT Solutions vision is to be recognized as a global leader for optimizing information technology through data loss prevention, account integrity, system availability and services development and delivery. We assist our clients to anticipate risks in business by implementing risks control and prevention plans and by providing solutions to protect intangible assets and to resolve rights infringements.

We differentiate ourselves in our commitment to question assumptions, be the independent eye, critically analyze facts and tell our clients what they need to know to make sound decisions. Defense IT Solutions cuts through the complexity and creates clarity for our clients to ensure compliance, reduce risk, overcome emerging challenges and enhance value.

About Defense IT Solutions Inc:
Defense IT Solutions Inc was founded to help businesses transform their information technology platforms into business enablers and competitive differentiators through compliance management and innovation. With its broad range of services, it is a partner and a solution-provider to clients making it the right alternative to traditional single-initiative security services and catalogue-type vendors that only give an invoice and not an initiative to further the business. Defense IT Solutions is your trusted advisor for information technology solutions, innovation and compliance.

Defense IT Solutions employs an experienced staff of Information Security and Technology Consulting professionals. Our extensive background in the Financial, Healthcare, Government and Retail industries is unparalleled. Defense IT Solutions Consultants typically possess 10 to 20 different Industry Certifications along with 7 to 20 years of experience. Our Consultants combine their knowledge of regulations and industry best practices to provide sound and practical guidance designed to meet your firm’s specific business needs.

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